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Jonas Construction Software Benefits and Insights

Why use Jonas Construction Software?

Key differentiators & advantages of Jonas Construction Software

  • Improves Efficiency: Encourages paperless organization and helps users log in online, eliminating the need for paper timesheets. Gathers data on hours worked and uses it to complete payroll processes. Sends alerts to the manager or technician whenever corrections are needed.  
  • Improves Data Accuracy: Timesheets support double entry of hours, reducing errors. Provides a single point of entry, and technician expenses and hours are entered automatically, avoiding the need to re-key data.  
  • Granular Reporting: Tracks job levels and financials that integrate into supplier code. Lets users drill into financial details to create consolidated reports for all companies. Allows financial reporting and complete management using templates.  
  • Security: Restricts access to information and who can post. Configure employees’ access levels and give access to generate reports to certain employees.  
  • Complete Audit Trails: Gives users a view of financial transactions to analyze irregularities that may not have been identified. Financial details can be recorded and summarized in the general ledger. Audit trails are recorded throughout the process.  
  • Multiple Accounting Periods: Recognizes prepaid expenses and revenue across various general ledger periods. Maintain financial records in an organized way with its ability to create subledgers.  
  • Control Accounts Payable and Receivables: Handle the cash flow process and control accounts payable. Integrated accounts receivable with job costing, service billing, general ledger and construction billing with real-time tracking and reporting.  
  • Multi-Division and Multi-Company Accounting: Manage financial information across multiple divisions and companies with intercompany accounting.  
  • Flexible Billing Options: Complete billing with service billing or through service contracts. Contract module can be used to create bills for services or rentals and track repair costs for that contract. Bill customers and improve cash flows.  
  • Automatic Renewals: Create service contracts automatically at set intervals. Create reports and run inquiries for upcoming contracts. Identify the equipment that needs servicing to ensure customer satisfaction using the reports.  

Industry Expertise

Thousands use Jonas Construction across 12 industries in North America. It was acquired by Constellation Software Inc. (CSI), and its development partners include IBM and Microsoft. It has 34 technology partners like AboutTime, Allpriser, B2W and more.

Jonas Construction Software Reviews

Average customer reviews & user sentiment summary for Jonas Construction Software:

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151 reviews


of users would recommend this product

Synopsis of User Ratings and Reviews

Based on an aggregate of Jonas Construction Software reviews taken from the sources above, the following pros & cons have been curated by a SelectHub Market Analyst.


  • User Friendly: The system is intuitive and accessible, as noted by approximately 85% of users who mentioned its usability and functionality.
  • Support: Users who mention its support say that response times are fast. Nearly 64% of the users who mention its support have good things to say about it.
  • Updates: Jonas Construction updates quite frequently, and almost 62% of the users who talk about its updates appreciate their functionality.
  • Interface: Nearly 70% of the users who mention its interface think it is accessible and easy to navigate.


  • Reporting: Almost 63% of the users who mention reporting think that its reporting feature could be improved and the generation of more types of reports should be added.
  • Learning Curve: It has a steep learning curve, as mentioned by 50% of the users who mention its learning curve.

Researcher's Summary:

Jonas Construction is user-friendly and intuitive. Its features like payroll, scheduling, accounting and more are helpful and easy to use for most users. Users like its payroll management feature. It is easy to export databases in Excel. Users like its permission management feature. Once some time is put into learning how to use the program, it is fairly easy to use. However, commas don’t show up on invoices when million dollar bills are generated. It does not have dashboards. Some users think that they had to buy modules they didn’t need to upgrade the program.

Key Features

  • Accounting: All aspects of the software are integrated with the accounting module, eliminating manual errors and double entry. View expenses and income in real time with up-to-date financial data.  
  • Job Costing: Manages, tracks and analyzes job progress. Lets users access job details easily and quickly to facilitate informed decisions. Gives users cost updates from other modules like inventory, payroll and accounts payable.  
  • Dispatch Scheduling: Streamline operations and boost productivity. Drag-and-drop capabilities and sends new jobs via GPS routing to technicians. Lets technicians complete assigned work orders from the field, and their job details get integrated with payroll.  
  • Job Scheduling: Creates, manages and updates job schedules. Schedule equipment and labor simultaneously and view all relevant timeline information. Uses Gantt chart formats that displays the schedule for every project.  
  • Reporting: Measure all aspects of the business by generating job, service person, vehicle, asset, work order and high-level reports. Generates consolidated reports on profitability, costs, utilization, revenue and expenses.  
  • Document Management: Reduce time spent searching for and filing documents. Helps users streamline everyday operations by storing documents by various criteria. Scan, import and upload documents from other applications.  
  • Equipment Management: Assess equipment utilization and track associated expenses to maximize investments. Track usage costs and revenue on work orders or projects.  
  • Inventory Management: Provides users with tools to track and manage inventory to minimize carrying and capital costs. Manage inventory maintenance costs, reporting and stock levels.  
  • Payroll: Manage complex employee payroll, whether unionized, certified or non-unionized. Manages federal remittances, union requirements and reporting. Process monthly, semi-monthly and bi-weekly payroll and export it to third-party payroll software.  
  • Service Contract: Complete service contracts and keep track of them. Manages planned maintenance agreements. Create bills for special customer rentals or services on a schedule using its contract module.  
  • Purchase Order and Procurement: Order inventory items and receive items from their purchase orders. Use the purchase order module to create sub-contracts and customize forms.  
  • Invoicing: Facilitates quick billing with labor records. Make changes and add data that automatically get revised within the software. Fixed price invoicing is also available for quicker turnaround.  
  • Contract Change Orders: Supports a fully integratable job cost reporting and automatically updates billing and sub-contracts to eliminate duplicate entries.  
  • Daily Log: Track details of projects and job sites with the daily log. Use this information to increase productivity. Tracks supervisors, materials, work performed, contacts, safety issues, weather conditions and subcontractor information.  
  • RFIS, Submittals and Transmittals: Create, track and manage submittals, RFIs and transmittals. Complete RFIs from one location and attach it to a change notice and change order.  
  • Budgeting: Plan and manage finances. Create budgets for multiple divisions and companies. Create multiple budgets within the general ledger. Ensures that forecasts are precise for decision making.  


Some of the product limitations include:

  •  Online modules are not available for all the procedures.  
  •  Automatic updates are not available. They have to be done manually.  
  •  Implementation of the software is time-consuming.  
  •  Technicians cannot enter usage and field hours without an active internet connection.  
  •  When creating invoices for a million dollars, commas don’t print. Users have to adjust them before sending the invoices out. 

Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Email for sales, for support and for premium support.
phonePhone: Call 1-888-789-9073 for sales, 1-800-352-6647 for support and 1-844-253-3113 for premier client support.
schoolTraining: Jonas Construction has a host of brochures, case studies, videos, ebooks and webinars for their users. It also has a comprehensive training program that is customized based on the customer’s availability. They design specialized training with a focus on workflows and key roles. They also give certifications after users complete training.
local_offerTickets: Users can create a ticket by signing into the customer support portal.

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