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Touchplan Pricing

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Touchplan Benefits and Insights

Why use Touchplan?

Key differentiators & advantages of Touchplan

  • Understand Trends: View and analyze site data in real time to optimize job health across projects.  
  • Collaborate Easily: Supports collaborative, active planning for project teams.  
  • Intuitive: Its easy-to-use and intuitive platform is built for owners and their trades.  
  • Identify Risk: Identify bottlenecks ahead of time and resolve issues before they occur. 
  • Increased Visibility: A consolidated view of projects and their progress helps keep tabs on the performance of workflows.  

Industry Expertise

The solution is used by 32,000+ construction users to manage 2500+ projects across the globe and handles over $47 billion in projects.

Key Features

  • Insights: Lets construction executives and owners analyze real-time and accurate project metrics from the office to the field. Analyze projects, detect bottlenecks, access reports, view potential risks and take corrective action.  
  • Planning: Keep team members accountable and aligned as plans change and projects progress with planning tools and deliver projects on time. Manage projects, activate work plans, and generate reports by role or variance. A real-time view of constraint logs and maintain transparency between deliverables and trades.  
  • Task Management: Update tasks from the road or job site. Use filters and mark tasks with changes or as complete with a swipe.  
  • Team Management: Manage teams in the field and the office. Lets field workers update job details from the field with their mobile phones.  


At the time of this review, these are the limitations according to user feedback:

  •  Generated reports can be difficult to understand.  
  •  System can become slow when many users are logged on to it.  
  •  Some users don’t find it to be user-friendly.  

Suite Support

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schoolTraining: Videos and articles are available on the website.
local_offerTickets: Submit contact details on the website to get a call back.

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These are the products most often compared to Touchplan.