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Construction Cloud Benefits and Insights

Why use Construction Cloud?

Key differentiators & advantages of Construction Cloud

  • Simplify Takeoffs: Extract material quantities from 2D and 3D models to help create error-free estimates. Generate multiple quantities from a single takeoff. Customize formulas as per estimating needs and verify them using a formula checker. 
  • Conduct Centralized Meetings: Conduct virtual meetings to follow up on project activities. Link documents, sheets and RFIs to meeting items to help team members discuss issues in detail. 
  • Improve Collaboration: Share critical documents with team members to keep them updated about project statuses. Allow multiple employees to work on a single model to quickly identify and resolve issues. 
  • Deploy on the Cloud: Access important documents off-site using mobile apps. Store project files on a cloud server to avoid losing critical data. 
  • Make Use of Predictive Insights: View dashboards to identify risks beforehand. Resolve issues before they cause financial impacts using the Construction IQ tool. 
  • Schedule Safety Inspections: Perform quality checks by creating punch lists to ensure all necessary steps are completed. Analyze inspection reports to identify and resolve issues. 

Industry Expertise

Suitable for commercial, industrial, health care, educational and heavy civil industries. Serves general and specialty contractors, builders and designers. Caters to medium- and large-sized companies.

Construction Cloud Reviews

Average customer reviews & user sentiment summary for Construction Cloud:

User satisfaction level icon: great

3413 reviews


of users would recommend this product

Synopsis of User Ratings and Reviews

Based on an aggregate of Construction Cloud reviews taken from the sources above, the following pros & cons have been curated by a SelectHub Market Analyst.


  • User-Friendly: The platform’s UI is simple and easy to use, according to 75% of users.
  • Document Management: According to 96% of users who reviewed this pro, it’s simple to view project files and host contract documents in real time.
  • Model Coordination: More than 95% of users who mentioned this pro said the software allows subs and GCs to collaborate on models in real time.
  • Project Management: Regarding this feature, approximately 86% of users said that it’s easy to track project statuses.
  • Markup Tools: According to 70% of users who reviewed this, the solution enables users to export and archive markups.


  • Clash Detection: The platform doesn’t provide robust clash detection like Navisworks, according to 57% of users.
  • Cost: According to 95% of users who reviewed this con, the software is expensive compared to competitors.
  • Speed: More than 90% of users who mentioned this con said that it takes time to synchronize files.

Researcher's Summary:

Construction Cloud offers a software suite consisting of designing, planning, operating, asset tracking and reporting modules to assist contractors, builders and designers in streamlining their work processes. Many reviewers were satisfied with the solution’s document management functionalities. Several users noted, the product offers an easy-to-use interface that helps speed up operations. However, many observed, a strong internet connection is required for the system to operate seamlessly. They also criticized that the licensing structure is costly for small-sized companies. Overall, the software’s a good fit for organizations needing help with construction management.

Key Features


  • Asset Management: Manage assets throughout project life cycles. Access cut-sheets, training materials, certifications and warranty documents from a centralized location. Scan barcodes or QR codes to quickly retrieve asset-related documents on-site. 
  • RFI Tracking: Link RFIs directly to 2D or 3D models, photos and project files to help gain clarity over issues and receive quick responses. Track RFI statuses using color-coded indicators. Grant role-based permissions enabling users to create, submit, respond to and approve RFIs. 
  • Submittals: Create, organize and move submittals for reviewing to help detect conflicting issues. Add co-reviewers to get multiple opinions on submittals to help improvise project processes. Track submittals using activity logs. 
  • Change Order Management: Automatically sync change order data with budgets to help monitor the financial statuses of projects in real time. Filter change orders by types, scopes, costs and sources. Auto-generate critical documents to help speed up change order processes. 
  • Punch Lists: Create checklists to avoid missing out on important steps while performing inspections. Build safety forms to collect crucial information about job sites. Allow managers to sign inspection reports electronically. 
  • Reporting and Analytics: Generate reports to help gain visibility into project trends, issues and patterns. Download new or old reports and share them with clients and team members to help make informed business decisions. 

Building Connected

  • Bid Board: View bid invites across the enterprise. Track bid deadlines, project files and workers’ schedules to help streamline bidding processes. View undecided, accepted, submitted and won bids to help make data-driven decisions. 
  • Trade Tapp: Submit qualification applications and evaluate vendor lists calculated by several factors such as backlog capacities, financial metrics, safety performances and operational histories. 
  • Subcontractor Network: Filter data by labor requirements, locations and trades to help search for potential subcontractors. Block bid invitations by adding subcontractors to a “Do Not Use” list. Update data in real time to eliminate manual data entry errors.  
  • Bid Calendar: Automatically schedule job walks by forwarding bid invites to the bid board. Filter data by days, weeks or months to help assign tasks and allocate resources efficiently. Sync with existing scheduling systems to stay updated about upcoming events.  
  • Vendor Management: Monitor subcontractors’ backlogs by integrating with existing ERP systems. Verify authenticity of automated renewals, follow-ups and reminders. Create customized questionnaires to collect vendors’ details. 
  • Bid Levelling: Compare and export bids to Excel to help explain to owners the reasons behind selecting specific bidders. Edit scope sheets to include new information while comparing bids. 

BIM Collaborate

  • Clash Detection: Automatically detect model clashes to help teams resolve constructability issues. Sort clashes by “issue” or “not an issue” to help speed up review processes. Upload high-end models to reduce rework for managers and crews. 
  • Issue Management: Track issues throughout project life cycles from one accessible location. Identify issues in 2D sheets or 3D models by placing location pins. Attach photos or relevant documents to provide review teams with additional context. 
  • Coordinated Models: Aggregate models from different file types without opening AutoCAD, Revit or Civil 3D. Create private workspaces for selected users to keep certain projects confidential. Allow teams to create coordination spaces to test designs. 
  • Collaborative Environment: Grant document access permissions to authorized users. Securely share Plant 3D and Civil 3D files with team members to keep everyone on the same page. 
  • Vendor Management: Monitor subcontractors’ backlogs by integrating with existing ERP systems. Verify authenticity of automated renewals, follow-ups and reminders. Create customized questionnaires to collect vendors’ details. 
  • Revit Cloud Worksharing: Allow remote teams to co-design in Revit to help improvise models. Share data on a cloud server to help workers quickly access relevant files. 


  • Cloud-Based: Securely store, organize and share files with teams. Filter documents by types, custom attributes, versions and PDFs. Send files from Revit or AutoCAD to systems using drag-and-drop functionality. 
  • Quantity Takeoff: Generate quantities from BIM files to accurately visualize project scopes. Combine 2D and 3D takeoffs to avoid costly errors. Integrate with Excel to help create accurate estimates. 
  • Dashboards: Build actionable lists consisting of daily tasks to help categorize priority projects. Access account-level dashboards to analyze performances and help in decision-making. 
  • Condition Models: Filter data by bid packages, work breakdown structures or assembly takeoffs. Add information such as cost codes, locations and installation statuses to models. Track field activities by connecting schedules to conditioned BIM models to meet project deadlines. 
  • Markup Tools: Create and share markups with teams to help build a collaborative work environment. Filter data by version sets, tags and titles to help workers find important information quickly. 


At the time of this review, these are the limitations according to user feedback:

  •  Steep learning curve. 
  •  Difficult to understand the document management system. 
  •  Uploading models can be time consuming. 

Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: This information is not available.
phonePhone: (866) 475-3802.
schoolTraining: Opt for personalized, online or on-site training. Utilize a knowledge base consisting of articles, webinars and video tutorials.
local_offerTickets: This information is not available.

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