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eSUB Benefits and Insights

Why use eSUB?

Key differentiators & advantages of eSUB

  • Increase Productivity: Boost productivity with automated processes, reduce coordination time with cloud-based management systems and get teams to work faster than ever. 
  • Better Communication: Communicate rapidly with teams and individual employees using the mobile app without halting business processes. 
  • Better Error Prevention: Get improved data visibility for projects to prevent costly errors down the line. 
  • Boost Employee Retention: Access project management modules to help ease everyone’s workload while reducing overall burnout. 
  • Work With All Skill Levels: Handle complex projects with simple-to-use modules. Allow team members to tackle multiple tasks at once without being overwhelmed by documentation and reporting. 
  • Quick Risk Assessment and Mitigation: Track risks from a variety of areas including weather conditions, financials, technical issues and more. Identify and solve problems faster for better project functioning. 

Industry Expertise

Suitable for electrical, mechanical, drywall, plumbing, concrete and steel industries. Serves project managers, field workers, general and specialty contractors and accounting executives. It supports organizations of all sizes.

eSUB Reviews

Average customer reviews & user sentiment summary for eSUB:

User satisfaction level icon: excellent

314 reviews


of users would recommend this product

Synopsis of User Ratings and Reviews

Based on an aggregate of eSUB reviews taken from the sources above, the following pros & cons have been curated by a SelectHub Market Analyst.


  • Functionality: The system organizes daily tasks, tracks multiple documents like change orders and daily reports and helps apply contacts to multiple jobs. It simplifies project management and makes information available to relevant employees, noted 89% of users who talked about the product’s functionality.
  • Flexible: Nearly 81% of reviewers who talked about flexibility emphasized that the system can be customized to accommodate different workflows and allows clients to approve, revise or reject projects.
  • Centralization: The product offers capabilities to track all aspects of a job from a central location, making it easier to monitor work progress from start to finish, said 77% of users who mentioned centralization.
  • Communication: Approximately 83% of reviewers who talked about communication noted that the system fosters real-time communication between office and field staff and outbound exchange with the clients.


  • Learning Curve: There’s a steep learning curve involved to get acquainted with all bells and whistles offered by the product, noted 80% of users who talked about the learning curve.
  • Mobile App: Nearly 86% of reviewers who talked about the mobile interface said that the system’s mobile apps do not provide features like the website.
  • Reporting: The system doesn’t offer detailed reporting for information like timesheet data, said approximately 75% of users who talked about reporting.

Researcher's Summary:

eSUB streamlines project management, provides prompt feedback on projects and simplifies processing change orders and RFI correspondence swiftly. It boosts productivity by delivering accurate information, uploading pictures and communicating with the field staff in real time. Its centralized tracking system monitors job progress from start to finish, stores all work-related information in one place and keeps everyone informed. It is easy to implement, backed by helpful customer support and can be customized to fit a user’s workflows. However, the product has a steep learning curve to get used to its features, doesn’t offer a task reminder function and lacks flexible reporting features. It has limited default areas, logs out several times when idle and its mobile apps offer limited capabilities.

Key Features

  • Document Control: Access project files in real time using the mobile app. Grant document access permissions to selected team members. Store all integral data in a virtual filing cabinet to help boost productivity. 
  • Resource Planning: Schedule employees and equipment using drag-and-drop functionality. Allocate resources based on employee skill levels, project needs and equipment availability. Allow workers to check schedules in real time to help keep everyone on the same page. 
  • Accounting Modules: Keep financial data secure and eliminate data entry errors. Record transactions to allow accounting staff to help determine profits and losses. Automatically transfer job costing data to existing accounting systems. 
  • Integration: Share files across other systems with simple to use importing and exporting functionality. Integrate with popular ERP modules to tackle accounting needs and decide what documentations should be shared and with whom.  
  • Purchase Orders: Create accurate purchase orders to receive fast approvals. View payment statuses in real time. Keep track of line items such as cost of parts, discounts, quantities and part codes. 
  • Issue Tracking: Allow employees to create daily logs to track weather conditions, disruption hours and accidents to help resolve issues beforehand. Identify internal issues to manage workers efficiently. Receive notifications when tasks are nearing due dates. 
  • Corporate Management: Access critical project data from one accessible location to help managers quickly generate and analyze reports. Email, approve, edit or attach reminders to change order logs with just a click. Track reports, drawings, submittals, transmittals and more to help make data-driven decisions.  
  • Schedule Management: Assign and coordinate tasks effectively using Gantt charts. Copy tasks, durations and dependencies from past schedules to help save time. Manage resources efficiently using critical path scheduling functionality. 
  • Correspondence Toolbox: Access letter and legal templates such as administrative forms, change directives, notices, contract documents and more. Create accurate documentation to avoid legal disputes. 
  • RFI Tracking: Create RFIs using customizable templates to help gain quicker responses. Track RFI statuses to ensure all concerned clients are notified. Attach drawings, details, clarifications and relevant documents to RFIs. 


At the time of this review, these are the limitations according to user feedback:

  •  Terms used aren’t intuitive. 
  •  Lacks flexibility in reporting. 
  •  Difficult for new employees to adapt.  
  •  Lacks flow between actions. 

Suite Support

phonePhone: (800) 493-3782.
schoolTraining: Opt for web-based and on-site training. Read eBooks and guides to stay updated about industry trends. Access webinars, articles and video tutorials.
local_offerTickets: Submit tickets via the vendor’s website.

Cost of Ownership

License/Subscription Cost
  • Payment is made either on a per user or subscription basis.
Training Cost
  • On-site training and web training are available.
Recurring/Renewal Costs
  • Cost is equivalent to the monthly subscription fee, based on the number of users.

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