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ConstructionOnline Benefits and Insights

Why use ConstructionOnline?

Key differentiators & advantages of ConstructionOnline

  • Cloud-Based: Access, modify and share project documents with team members securely. Grant document access permissions to selected employees. 
  • Dynamic Takeoff: Measure quantities accurately using RedLine Takeoff software. Automatically assign labor and material costs using customizable costbooks. 
  • Streamlined Accounting: Integrate with QuickBooks to help create accurate estimates and reduce costly errors. 
  • Simplified Scheduling: Organize and monitor activities using Gantt charts. Keep track of upcoming events to avoid missing important meetings. 
  • Environment Friendly: Reduce carbon emissions by smoothly transitioning to an online business environment. 
  • Customizable Interface: Design online workspaces by choosing color themes and backgrounds specific to business needs. 

Industry Expertise

Serves several construction programs such as residential, commercial and industrial. Suitable for general and specialty contractors, subcontractors, home builders and remodelers. Caters to medium- and large-sized companies.

ConstructionOnline Reviews

Average customer reviews & user sentiment summary for ConstructionOnline:

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Key Features

  • Sales Management: Manage leads and monitor sales funnels to meet business goals. 
    • Lead Tracking: Filter leads by statuses, sources, sales representatives and more. Track activities such as meetings and outreach changes using a timeline viewer. Stay updated about potential revenue opportunities and sales workflows by creating lead pipelines. 
    • Call Logging: Document emails, text messages and conversations to keep track of communication activities. Filter call logs by projects, contacts and creators. Attach relevant documents and photos to call logs. 
    • ClientLink: Create client login pages to keep them in the loop about project statuses. Receive client inputs about change orders electronically. 
  • Financials: Monitor cash flows to keep projects on budget. 
    • Estimating: Track financial activities using dashboards. Integrate with Excel to accurately calculate job costs. Save and reuse estimates templates to help avoid workflow errors. 
    • Quantity Takeoff: Automatically overwrite existing costs to reduce expensive errors. Accurately measure volumes, counts and areas to help win bids. Generate estimates using existing takeoff templates to speed up estimating processes. 
    • Change Orders: Mitigate potential disputes to save projects from legal hassles. Allow clients to sign change orders electronically. Automatically send confirmation emails to subcontractors, suppliers and clients to keep them on the same page. 
    • Accounting Integration: Integrate with QuickBooks to eliminate redundant data entries. Import or export financial data with just a click. Securely store project files in AWS data centers. 
  • Communications: Share latest project updates using the Envoy Chat suite. Attach relevant documents and photos to chats to divulge critical information. Archive messages when jobs are completed. 
  • Schedule Management: Assign and monitor project activities to help complete projects on time. 
    • Calendar: View upcoming tasks, events and due dates to help plan ahead and keep projects on track. Integrate with Google and Outlook calendars to help keep team members updated about ongoing activities. 
    • Gantt Charts: Quickly modify schedules without manually adjusting each task using critical path functionality. Filter tasks by days, weeks or months. 
    • Time Tracking: View workers’ clock-in and -out time and location using geofencing technology. Analyze employee reports to help boost productivity levels. 
  • Project Tracking: Analyze project data to help make informed decisions. 
    • Daily Logs: Document work activities electronically to eliminate hassles of going through bundles of physical files. Automatically record weather conditions of job sites to understand reasons for delays. Record and attach photos to incidents using safety logs. 
    • Punch Lists: Organize lists by classifications, dates, phases and more. Perform inspections by creating punch lists to avoid missing out on important quality checks. 
    • Reporting: Share project reports with teams and clients to keep everyone on the same page. 
  • Planroom: Upload, markup and share project plans with team members. Automatically send notifications to workers about changes in plan sets. 
  • Document Management: Store project files securely for future references. 
    • RFI Tracking: Sort RFIs by due dates, statuses and recipients. Allow clients to respond to RFIs via email. 
    • Submittal Workflows: Opt for parallel or sequential workflows as per business requirements. Determine who’s responsible for advancing submittals by using a ball-in-court indicator. 
    • Transmittals: Send transmittals from the field or office using the mobile app. Create logs to automatically track sent items and quickly search for critical documents. 
  • Score Cards: Filter teams’ activities by employees or task types to view accurate breakdown of overall performances. View pending and overdue tasks to make sure projects are on track. 


At the time of this review, these are the limitations according to user feedback:

  •  Steep learning curve. 
  •  Doesn’t generate cash flow and earned income reports. 
  •  Transferring information from punch lists to schedules can be time consuming. 

Suite Support

Access support services Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST.

phonePhone: (800) 700-8321.
schoolTraining: Access on-site and personalized training. The vendor offers a knowledge base consisting of video tutorials and articles.
local_offerTickets: This information is unavailable.
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