Software Awards Program

Software Awards Program

Recognizing the Best Software and People

SelectHub Awards reveal the people behind the best software on the market. Our goal in this program is to help users identify which vendors are delivering the most useful, impactful software. Furthermore, we aim to inform users on where exactly the strengths of a software lie. With these objectives, software awards are given to vendors that are truly leading the pack and achieving results for their users.

How Does it Work?

Award selections are based solely on SelectHub Analyst’s feedback and user sentiment, or reviews, and the awards seek to accurately reflect the current software market. The honest, unbiased program is not pay-to-play – simply put, there’s no money involved – and vendors must have happy users to even qualify for consideration. In more technical terms, our analysts require software vendors to have a rating of “Good” or higher for their user sentiment. With merit-based consideration, no self-nomination or finances involved, our awards program seeks to afford users with the truth.

Currently, our analysts facilitate the SaaS awards selection process and select the winners. They use primary and secondary research methodologies, which explore and study a range of criteria – this includes but isn’t limited to the following:

  • SelectHub RFI (request for information),
  • Vendor outreach,
  • User reviews,
  • Product brochures,
  • Specification sheets,
  • Case studies,
  • User manuals,
  • Technical documentation and more

The SelectHub RFI questions vendors, asking them to provide written documentation that conveys the capabilities and features of the software. The analysts then compile and examine user reviews, which is then converted to user sentiment ratings. Product brochures, specification sheets, user manuals, case studies and technical documentation are examined so all relevant product information can be extracted. Finally, they use our proprietary technology selection management platform, SelectHub’s Technology Selection Management (TSM) Scoring Engine, which processes the researched information and computes the analyst score for the product.

We assign software awards to the overall best product in a category based on a thorough analysis by our Research Analysts, and separately user favorites which are based on an aggregate of user sentiment criteria:

Analysts Pick Award Badge

Analysts’ Pick

This all-encompassing award is given to vendors that are proven champions in their software category. Based on overall criteria, SelectHub Analyst’s scores conclude if the software is one of the 10 best in the industry. Winners of the Analysts’ Pick award are also positioned on SelectHub’s leaderboards, which displays the overall 10 best software in a specific category.

Users Favorite Award Badge

User Favorite

First, we have the User Favorite Award, which is based on the SelectHub User Sentiment Score. It’s given to the software with the highest user sentiment, or in case of a tie or a 3 point spread, all qualified score. Awardees must have 3 review sources or more, with a total of at least 100 reviews. This award reveals software vendors with the most satisfied, happy users.

SelectHub also provides awards for the best products by feature. See below for a series of examples within the business intelligence tools category:

Advanced Analytics Award Badge

Advanced Analytics

For the Advanced Analytics Award, the winning solution must support advanced and sophisticated data manipulation and data analysis by using libraries and packages of Python and R programming languages.

Augmented Analytics Award Badge

Augmented Analytics

The Augmented Analytics Award is given to the software vendor that can do a number of things. Namely, it should leverage Machine Learning (ML) automation to augment data profiling and data quality, harmonization, modeling, manipulation, enrichment, metadata development and cataloging. It should also include capabilities such as:

  • Automated matching, joining, profiling, tagging and annotating data prior to data preparation
  • Sensitive attribute recognition
  • Automation of repetitive transformations and integrations
  • Data quality and enrichment recommendation
Data Visualization Award Badge

Data Visualization

The system that claims the Data Visualization Award will support creating advanced and sophisticated visualizations, enable animated data presentation and guide users by suggesting the best suitable visualization for the graphical representation of the selected data. In addition to these criteria, we require the solution to have at least five of the following functional requirements:

  • Accessible dashboards
  • Advanced visualizations using Python and R
  • Animations
  • Auto-charting
  • Auto-refresh
  • Dashboard Rebranding
  • Dashboard and Report Templates
  • Embedded Dashboards and Visualizations in Web Pages
  • Interactive Data Visualizations
  • Third-party Charts Packages
  • Visualizations with Drill-down and Drill-up
Reporting Award Badge


For the BI Reporting Award, the winning system must provide ad-hoc reporting, auto-scheduling, built-in alerts, canned/managed reporting, conditional formatting and interactive reporting. It will also need to contain at least three of the key requirements from the list below:

  • Reports Exporting
  • Reports Versioning
  • Text-based Natural Language Reports
  • Voice-based Natural Language Reports
Data Querying Award Badge

Data Querying

The best Data Querying solution allows users to batch updates, perform complex queries, execute in-memory analysis and maintain a direct connection. On top of the latter, the system must possess at least five of the below key requirements to be selected for this award.

  • Live connection
  • Multi-pass SQL
  • Query Multiple data sources
  • Readable and Modifiable SQL
  • Scheduled Queries
  • Visual Querying
Mobile BI Award Badge

Mobile BI

To be eligible for the Mobile BI Award, the software must offer team collaboration features, mobile-optimized dashboards and reports, and support geospatial analysis on mobile devices. It will need to come with an additional six key requirements from the list below:

  • Mobile Collaboration
  • Mobile Dashboards and Reports
  • Mobile Geospatial Analysis
  • Native Mobile Apps
  • Offline Mode
  • Push notifications and Alerts
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Scan Machine Readable Codes
Connectivity Award Badge


The software with the best connectivity must be able to sync with popular accounting platforms as well as various tools and platforms related to the Big Data ecosystem. Twenty more key requirements from the list below are needed to qualify for consideration of the Connectivity Award.

  • Accounting Platforms
  • Big Data Ecosystem
  • CRM Platforms
  • Cloud Files Storage Systems
  • Customer Success Platforms
  • Data Integration Tools
  • E-Commerce
  • ERP Platforms
  • Enterprise BI Platforms
  • Enterprise Messaging Platforms
  • JDBC, OBDC and Parameterized Connections
  • Marketing Platforms
  • NoSQL Databases
  • Payment Processing Platforms
  • Project Management Platforms
  • Relational Databases
  • SEO and Web Analytics Platforms
  • SFTP/FTP Support
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Standard Files
  • Statistical Files
Security Award Badge


Lastly, the Security Award requires the solution to maintain a record of administrative and user actions and provide encryption capabilities for stored data. It also needs to offer at least five of the following key requirements:

  • Annual Security Audit and Penetration Test
  • Application Activity Tracking
  • Authentication Protocols and Systems
  • Column Level Security
  • Encryption
  • Integrated Security
  • Object-level Security
  • Row-Level Security (RLS) and User Filtering
  • Single Sign-on and Trusted Authentication

Once awards are assigned, we display them on our product directory, the software’s product page and your SelectHub company page (if you have one with us). To accept an award, we simply ask vendors to share the SelectHub award badge on their site. In addition, we ask awardees to follow the simple Terms and Conditions and review the placement on SelectHub.

Looking forward, the awards program is slated for growth – in 2021, we’ll begin to use the crowdsourced data from our platform to determine the winning solutions. To be considered, make sure to update your SelectHub RFI, so we’re able to begin to analyze your product.

Vendor Evaluation Methodology

Our vendor evaluation process involves an analysis of the product’s capabilities based on the information gathered through various primary and secondary research methodologies including but not limited to SelectHub RFI, vendor outreach, user reviews, product brochures, specification sheets, case studies, user manuals, technical documentation, and more.

SelectHub’s Technology Selection Management (TSM) Scoring Engine processes the researched information and computes the analyst score for the product.

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