Managed Selection Services

Managed Selection Services

Streamlined software selection

SelectHub works on your behalf and guides you on how to achieve your research, evaluation and selection objectives.

Proven Methodology

Ensure You do the Right Thing at the Right Time with a Structured Approach.

Our software selection methodology allows you to do the right things in the right order, validating along the way. Quickly identify inconsistencies or “false positives” that can hurt your project during the implementation phase and easily share demo use-cases and corresponding success criteria with shortlisted vendors.

Lean Selection Methodology

Leverage Real Data

Back your IT investment strategy up with accurate, vendor-neutral market data.

Driven by data from detailed research, and validated across thousands of diverse selection projects, SelectHub saves an average of 15% in software and implementation costs by analyzing past deals.

Decision Platform

A platform with a comprehensive requirements database to help you develop customized product comparison scorecards.

Our Managed Selection Services team leverages the SelectHub Decision Platform, powered by data from thousands of projects and developed using the team’s extensive industry knowledge and experience.
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Decision Platform
Expertise Managed Selection Service


We have real-world expertise in working with internal stakeholders and vendors throughout the selection process to ensure nothing is left to chance.

SelectHub experts provide companies with tried-and-true tips and tricks we have learned running hundreds of selection projects.

Industry Case Studies

ATS Diesel: A Case Study

This case study delves into how SelectHub helped ATS Diesel through the ERP software selection and implementation process. It takes a deep dive into the process and guidance the helped ATS Diesel choose a software that best served it's needs and save time and resources in the process.

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ATS Case Study

Easterseals MORC: A Case Study

Easterseals MORC needed new LMS software that served their purpose of helping individuals with disabilities get more equity, access and inclusion in society. This case study looks at the process SelectHub followed to help them select the vendor that met 100% of their high-priority needs.

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Easterseals Case Study

Financial Services: A Case Study

A large financial services firm wanted to upgrade their software for faster code deployment. Learn how SelectHub helped them reduce their manual search time by 50% and accelerate timelines to select the right DevOps Automation software.

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Financial Services Case Study

Oil & Gas: A Case Study

A leading independent natural gas and crude oil exploration and production company wanted to initiate new Customer Lifecycle Management software. Learn how SelectHub helped the organization vet over 40 candidates to find the right solution.

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Oil & Gas Case Study

Education Sector: A Case Study

A public school district was looking for software services to assess their network security. This case study looks at the process SelectHub followed to help them segregate vendors that provided the desired specialized services and features within 6 weeks.

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Education Sector Case Study

Learn how we can guide your team through complexity to the right decision.

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